Coming Soon: Change by Attraction

Everyone I know wishes something were different—managers, coaches, team leads, and team members. And that involves change, whether or not you have change management in your job description.

This course addresses some of the biggest frustrations I see in organizational change:

People may not want to change. We’ll explore why that is, and how you can turn resistance into a resource.

Nothing really changes, in spite of extensive (and expensive) training and coaching. You’ll learn how to “see” underlying structures and factors that hold the pattern in place.

One size fits none, and everyone wants an exception. It isn’t possible to anticipate (or accommodate) every context and every variation. You’ll learn to apply constraints that about bound variation, rather than enforce standardization.

You can’t do it alone. Systems influence behavior, but it takes humans to change systems. In this part, we’ll explore how to build a network of influencers and find support.


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